Are you:


  • An international development/humanitarian aid worker or an expat who feels that it takes someone with similar experiences to understand you and your challenges?

  • Hoping to make changes in your life, but have no clue where to start?

  • Feeling stuck, whether due to a conflict at work, a confusion about the best career path for you, or the impression that you lost your mojo?

  • Sensing you could have a greater impact as a leader but lack the tools and discipline to do so?

  • Yearning for a more balanced and fulfilled life, while juggling different priorities?

  • Hoping to make a dormant dream real?

  • Feeling depleted—maybe burnt out—​and hoping to find new meaning in what you do?


    If you answer YES to any of these questions, get in touch for a free consultation.


I'm a curious explorer at heart.


I feel most engaged when I discover new places, meet new people, or find a new pole to jump from (yeah, that's me in the picture). I have been passionate about psychology, the human mind and self-growth since I was a teenager. In recent years, I have been fascinated by human resilience and our ability to reinvent ourselves—particularly when we go through our most challenging experiences. A few years ago, as I was going up the ladder in the United Nations system, I was stricken by a serious illness that transformed my life. During my long journey of recovery, I asked for help from professionals. Working with coaches to accelerate my healing was one of the best decisions I made. This experience inspired me to become a professional coach myself and support others on their own journey of personal transformation


Finally, I am an empath who connects deeply to what other people are going through. But I also have a radar for BS and disempowering stories that we tell ourselves. As your coach, I will tell you when I hear these stories and will help you write new, more empowering ones.

How I Can

Help You

Want to get a taste of what it is to work with me? Let's have a free sample "chemistry" session. This is my coaching gift to you. I'll coach you about a topic of your choosing and will answer any questions you have about working together. If you're still unsure, shoot me an email using the Contact form below.

chemistry session

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